Thursday, March 25, 2010

Story book

 I have been looking over different options on how to make a story book using different internet applications.  I looked into a couple where you had to upload your own pictures.  I did not like this because I do not always have pictures for everything I would like to put in my books. There were some programs where you could make a comic book like story, others you could have a movie feel to them, then there are power point like stories.  I like the thought of allowing my students to create there own story online.  I love how the parents and other family members will be able view the students hard work by just typing in the link! It is so easy and will make the student feel wonderful about all their hard work.  I mean how many students show their family members other than their parents the work they have done at school.  By simply sending a website the students are able to show aunts, uncles, grandparents and even cousins the  projects they are doing in school.  Also I think it is important for the students to learn how to use technology.  There are so many different programs out there to use and lets face it our world revolves around the internet so these skills are going to be very important for our students to learn.

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