Thursday, January 14, 2010


Since I know have been to most of my classes at least once for this semester I have learned that blogging has become extremely popular in the educational world. Four out of the five classes I am taking this semester are using blogs as a part of their ciriculm. This is so strange to me because before this semester I have never read a blog and have never posted a blog.
The blogs are very helpful when it comes to my classes because we are able to post our opinions on a topic we are discussing in class and react to other classmates posts. I have found it very helpful to share ideas or see how other people interrupt readings we have done on various education topics. It is helpful because in class not everyone gets a chance to share their views or is just to shy to do so in person, but the blogs allow you to share your opinion and you do not have to face people to do so. The blogs have also been helpful because if I forget where exactly and idea came from that I wish to incorporate I just go back to the blog and look it up! It is as easy as that! I do not have to search through hundreds of pages of notes, I just scroll down until I find it! Now I see why blogs are so nice to use in an educational setting! Blogs are something I will definitely keep in mind when I become a teacher!

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