Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Introduction to Technology

Today I walked into my CEP416 class not knowing how this semester is going to go. I grew up in a house with out the internet for my entire life, so when it comes to using the computer I am not the most knowledgeable. I can do the basics and I am getting much better at using search engines. But when it comes to creating a blog and a twitter account I am lost. Twitter is a foreign idea to me, but opening the account was not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be. I feel like twitter is a great way to connect to people instantly. The only thing that has been holding me back from writting in a blog or a twitter account is the lack of competence when it comes to technology.
When I was in middle school my family did not even own a computer, if my sisters and I needed to type something for homework we would use the typewriter we had. Let me tell you a typewriter is much more complicated then a computer! So needless to say I have little to no knowledge when it comes to using technology. This course has already doubled my ability with what I know how to do with technology! If I can make a blog and twitter account then I am confident that anyone is able to! I look forward to learn how to implement more technology into my teaching style! Stay posted to see how a very technologically challenged person can learn how to make her life so much easier by learning the ropes with this foreign idea of technology!

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