Sunday, January 24, 2010

Web Page

Last night I started to work on a web page I am going to use as my career portfolio. I was overwhelmed with all of the possible ways to lay out a page. I can not believe how much information you can fit on one page! I was amazed! I played around with a few things, but I feel as if I have not even touched the surface of the various possible ways I could set up my website. I never understood how web pages were created, and now I am aware of all the hard work that goes into them. When I eventually get my web page done, I feel as though my information will be able to be accessed by many schools very easily. This will be great because I will be able to apply to many different jobs with much more ease, and convince for them and myself. Who knew the internet would be so helpful when it comes to my future career! I surely never even thought about this!

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