Thursday, April 1, 2010

ESL Students

My ESL Students by DPerstin    I thought it was really interesting when we had a guest lecturer come into our class a couple of weeks ago. I am a TESOL minor so when he mentioned how to use technology to benefit those student you have that do not speak English my ears perked right up!  He said how it is impossible to accommodate all of our students with clarifying things at times because no one expects us to know 40 different languages.  This intrigued me, I was wondering where he was going to go with this.  Then he said how we should use technology resources to help make things run a little smoother.  At this point I had no idea what he meant by accommodating students by using technology, usually in ESL classrooms there are not enough computers for everyone to use one.  Then he went on to say how google has an application called google translator! I thought this was a great idea! I never thought about using a translator and it would be so fast and it incorporates many different languages! For some reason I can not stop thinking about how simple idea is, but how extremely helpful it would be to my future students! This is definitely knowledge I will always remember and apply in my future classroom!

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  1. I also liked the speaker a lot! He had really helpful information and was motivating in his speaking. I am also a TESOL minor, and I think I am constantly searching for little tips and hints about making teaching easier. I tend to get very intimidated thinking about teaching all second language learners! I think it goes to show that communicating with people who have experience can really help out. Not only do they have helpful tips to share, but they can be pretty inspirational.