Thursday, April 8, 2010

Literacy Reference Project

bank street booksstore: childrens books by cherrypatter
     As many of you know as a TE student here at MSU you have to do a literacy reference project which is very intense. I have been overwhelmed with it so far and have put over 40hours into it. But as I was working on my genre section I thought how it would be neat to allow my students to create a book using an online story book program and select a genre they would like to write their book in.  I think this would be a fun project for my students to partake in and I also think it would be a wonderful way for me to assess them.  I would be able to tell if my students completely understand that genre because they will have to use the elements of the genre to create their story. What do you think about this?

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  1. Speaking of genres, for our child study project and the writing samples my professor (I don't know about yours) wants us to get different genres for the different writing samples. I asked my student to write me a story for the second one because she had just written a narrative about her pet for the first one. She looked at me a little confused and asked, "A story? Like a book?" and then she was much more nervous about to write than previously. She kept asking me if something was good enough or not. I thought it was cute, but I also kept thinking about how what we learn in class is actually true!!! Not all students come in knowing the differences between genres and such. I don't remember ever not know what a story was, or what a biography was, etc. but the teachers are actually right! I love it when things we learn in class actually help us with the students, it makes me feel so much more prepared :)
    Ok I got slightly off topic, but oh well.