Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google Docs What a Lifesaver!

Google docs notification by AJC1
                             / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
     So how many of you have worked on group projects or even projects in class and have emailed them, or saved them on a jump drive, because you where afraid you might lose them if you just keep them on the desktop?  As I talked about in my last blog, I was introduced to Google Docs, it was perfect timing too!  I had a group project which was due in another one of my classes this week.  We had to write a paper and it was really difficult to keep emailing the paper with corrections back and forth.  At one point in the process I sent the wrong paper back all together.  By using Google Docs I am able to proof read and add to the paper and send it right back to her.  It is so nice, not to mention we do not have to fill our msu email inbox with tons of emails.  Another great thing was that the paper will open on pretty much any computer, especially if you make it into a pdf file.  This is great because sometimes it is difficult for me to open some word documents.
    I will definitely use Google Docs in my classroom, my students can even put powerpoints up on it.  I think it is wonderful! They are learning how to use technology, which I feel is a wonderful skill to acquire, and they are able to allow people to edit their work, or just view their work.  The thing I love most is that my students will have time to proof read more than one students work, because you can work on the same paper if need be.  This is a great way to get my students involved, not to mention they can submit works to me and not have to worry about printing anything off or bringing a paper with them to turn in.  All they have to do is share the document with me! What a way to be green!

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