Sunday, February 28, 2010


 PLN-1 by cobannon. / CC BY-NC 2.0
    I feel that as a future teacher a person learning network or PLN, is extremely important. Before engaging in my technology class, I was very reluctant to use any unfamiliar technology.  This class has allowed me to broaden my PLN, I now plan to incorporate the use of technology into my lesson plans.  I find blogs to be very useful in exchanging ideas, gaining knowledge and a wonderful way to be able to express how you feel.  Before this class, I would have never even thought twice of having a blog and using it, now I believe much can be gained by using a blog.  I also think it is important for my students to be able to express themselves in any way possible, and I feel as though technology is the new way to do this.  I never would have thought in a million years, a girl who grew up without a computer until I was in 7th grade and never having the interent, that technology would become such  a big part of my PLN.  I feel as though Flicker, google docs, and many of the other forms of technology I have been introduced have made my life so much easier already.  I use Flickr and google docs all of the time now in my school work.  I love google docs, because it is a way to ensure my papers and presentations get saved, and can not be lost by a computer crash.  Technology is such a huge part of our society now, I feel by implementing it into my PLN I am able to provide my future students with the very best education possible.  If I am able to keep up with new technologies and techniques I will be able to continue to enhance my students learning!  

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  1. First of all, you and Maggie used the same picture and I almost did as well. Haha.
    Secondly, I use GoogleDocs all the time too! I love that I don't have to save it to ONE computer, but I can save it to an account so that I can access it on all computers. I seriously use it alllllll the time now :)