Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Proper Nouns

     This is a sample of a mini lesson plan I formed after reading about how to create an efficient powerpoint.  My mock powerpoint discuss why we capitalize proper nouns.  This is a language arts lesson plan for possible second graders.  For one of our assignments in my CEP class, we were to read about how to create a strong powerpoint presentation. We read a chapter on how powerpoints should be formed in order for your students to get the most out of them. Some of the things I learned was that each slide should only contain one important point, this way our students have time to read and comprehend each element without becoming to overwhelmed. I also learned how to use the speaker notes section on powerpoint. As a future teacher this application will be very beneficial to me! I do not have to fit every little detail I want to discuss on the slide which my students see. I can just put what I want to discuss in the speaker notes section so I still have something I can follow while I am presenting the lesson. This way I will be less apt to forget to mention something and my students will recieve the best instruction I can offer them.

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